Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I apply for the MA Development and Governance?

    There is one main application period for the HSP (PPGG) scholarships, which normally starts in June and ends in July each year. For HSP (PPGG) scholarships, the programme start is in April of the respective next year with a German language course (e.g. if you apply in June 2022, your language programme will start in April 2023). The academic programme then starts in October 2023.

    Additionally, you can apply as "self-financed candidate". This call for applications usually opens in March. In this case, the programme will start in October of the same year (e.g. if you apply in March 2022, the programme is going to start in October 2022).


    2. Which kind of Bachelor degree do I need to have to be eligible to apply for this programme?

    In order to qualify for our programme you need to have completed a fulltime four-years Bachelor’s programme in political or social science. Furthermore, we might accept applications from the field of economics, law or geography, but only if your transcript shows that you had some teaching in social science related modules, or if you have a strong professional record in a governance- or development-related field.


    3. Which are the main selection criteria?

    In principal, eligibility depends on the quality of your social scientific degree resulting from a four year fulltime programme, a strong academic record, sufficient English skills and relevant professional experience in fields like e.g. development assistance, public administration, human rights or civil society work. We require at least one year of professional full-time work experience in a field relevant to our Master's.


    4. Do I need to have German language skills?

    No, this is not a formal requirement. The language of instruction and all examination is English. Knowledge of German is, of course, an advantage if you live in Germany (English is not any official language). Students who study with a PPGG scholarship take part in a compulsory half-year German course in advance of the studying programme.


    5. When does the programme start?

    The language courses for HSP-scholarship-holders start in April each year and the first study period starts in October each year and lasts until the September the subsequent year. 


    6. If I want to apply as "self-financed candidate", how much costs do I have to calculate?

    As a benchmark we calculate an amount of 750€ which you should have available each month in order to cover the costs for studying and living in Germany.

    Please note that the University of Duisburg-Essen is a public university and does not charge tuition. Students have to register with the university though. The registration fee is currently (sommer semster 2022) 324,06 € per semester and allows you to use the university facilities and also includes the right to use public transport facilities within North Rhine-Westphalia (Semester Ticket).